ABOUT Merry Fit

 Jennifer L Ciano, MS CCC-A, SFN-ISSA, CFT-ISSA

Who is Jennnifer?

As a child, Jennifer was athletic and active in a variety of sports, and remained fit and healthy through much of her adult life, but during her first pregnancy, she experienced a significant weight increase. The birth of her daughter also spawned a motivation to immerse herself in nutritional education. Applying this new information, Jennifer held herself accountable for her daughter’s health by committing to eating the same foods her toddler was consuming. The results were astounding with a total loss of 60 pounds she had gained during her pregnancy.
With her second pregnancy in 2012, Jennifer was determined not to make the same mistakes twice and enrolled in the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) to become a Specialist in Fitness Nutrition. Becoming passionate about educating and helping others
make good nutritional choices, she went on to also became a Certified Personal Trainer through ISSA in 2013. In 2019, she added a Pre- and Postnatal Coaching certification through The Coaching and Training Women Academy to her arsenal to further help her clients.
New certifications in hand, Jennifer Ciano, who for 20 years had been a dedicated Health Care professional with a Master of Science in Audiology and a Certificate in Clinical Competence through the American Speech-language Hearing Association (ASHA), expanded her focus and opened the doors to Merry Fit to assist others in realizing their health potential. Merry Fit is based on the South Shore of Massachusetts but through the website and Social Media presence, has acquired clients from everywhere.

Why Merry Fit?


In an era where our children are the first generation to have an expected life-span *shorter* than their parents, we need to find ways to get them away from the TV, video games, tablets, and other electronic devices, and learn healthy habits from a young age.
I believe in staying active, both for ourselves and our families. But being active doesn't mean you have to exercise for hours a day at the gym. Studies show that increasing your activity levels by 30-60min each day can help reduce cholesterol levels, risk of Type 2 Diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. In other words, taking a little time each day for physical activity can give you many more healthy years with your family.
I also believe "diet" is an evil four-letter word. Life shouldn't be about dieting, it should be about LIVING. It's about eating healthy, natural, unprocessed foods. And it's about giving into cravings. But by eating more of the "good" foods, you will eventually stop craving the "bad". You'll look better, feel better, and as an added bonus, lose weight! By maximizing when you eat certain foods, your body will also run more efficiently.

I believe that exercise should be fun, not something that makes you cry. Form is more important than repetitions, challenges help you grow, and you are stronger than you think.