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Message me for a free initial consultation. When you decide to move forward with the personalized plan, I will email your plan upon payment. Price includes two virtual follow-up consultations. You can type questions in an email and send at your leisure. Additional follow-up consultations are purcharsed on a monthly basis




A Merry Fit™ Nutrition Plan is a plan for YOU. It's based on your height, weight, and exercise regime. It's not a one size fits all approach. You get a breakdown of your caloric and macronutrient needs, as well as foods to both avoid and add to your day. It is not a meal plan; you incorporate your meals to fit your personal guidelines.  




No shakes. No supplements to buy. No special little boxes to measure food. No points. This is real food, real eating, real long-term results. It's not a quick fix, it's a lifestyle.

Merry Praise

M.D. Age: 47

"Over the course of the last year or so, Jennifer has changed the way I eat. I'm now aware of the quality of what goes into my body and have made realistic adjustments over time that work for me. I have new cravings for things I "should" eat. I used to crave Fast Food and now just the thought of it makes me ill. Add to that the training guidance she has provided for a workout that is custom designed for my age, body type, goals and lifestyle which has transported me from a fairly sedentary existence to looking forward to the next days workout when I go to bed at night. It's a whole body & mind makeover and its changed my attitude toward everything. I've been patient zero for Merry Fit over the past year and I can't give higher marks. Talk to Jennifer Ciano and make yourself happier."










"Jen is an amazing motivator and truly embraces those that make the committment to change their health. Everyone's journey is different, so this is not a "one size fits all" approach. During my journey, Jen helped me to understand what my body needed pre and post workout (especially the holy grail ratio 4:1 post workout) to ensure I was not burning off lean muscle mass. Her guidance was invaluable, as my nutrition for workouts changed and I began to see solid results over time. Now over 2 years into my journey, I am down 34 pounds and at 11.5% body fat. Thank you, Jen, for your support and guidance throughout this journey!"

L.S. Age 39

"In a couple months I will be approaching one year fake sugar free. Just wanted to say thank you again for the help and the helped me when I wasn't sure I could do it"

"Jen was so helpful in determining the best fitness program for my lifestyle. She checked on me, helped keep me motivated and was a great coach. I would strongly recommend her to help you reach your fitness and health goals."

K.L. Age: 41

P.G. Age 38

"After more than two years of trying to make small adjustments to my food choices and not seeing any results, I knew it was time to take the leap. For the most part, I figured I could go this journey on my own- Just cut calories and exercise more and I'd be set. But when I plateaued after the first month, I realized there was much more to it. Jennifer provided much needed education on what foods to eat and when, especially understanding that not all carbs and red meat are bad! She also helped me understand why it wasn't healthy to just eat fewer and fewer calories. I'm down nearly 25 pounds (almost to where I was in college, and much healthier!), and I feel fantastic. The changes are not a "diet" but real lifestyle adjustments that are sustainable for me and my family."

H.R. Age: 39


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Merry Fit, for the life you deserve


"Merry" as in how being fit and healthy doesn't have to be a chore...
"Merry" as in how good being healthy can feel...
"Merry" as in the happy life you can lead when you're no longer worried about your health... 
Eat, exercise, and be merry with Merry Fit!